SKF Platforms and Segments

The platform and segment approach is SKF-specific and based on combining strong technology focus from the platforms and strong customer focus from the segments.

SKF has defined about 40 customer segments in which it operates. Examples of these segments include the cars and light trucks, wind power, railway, machine tool, medical, food and beverage and the pulp and paper industries. Based on a strong understanding of current and future customer needs and challenges, SKF utilizes the capabilities of all or some of its platforms to develop tailor-made offers for each of its customer segments. In this way, SKF can offer its customers specific products and solutions with improved performance, reduced energy use and reduced total cost, while giving SKF greater added value and better price quality.

                                          The 5 SKF Platforms


Bearings and units

The broad range of bearing types produced globally by SKF offers customers an assortment of high-quality, high-performance, low-friction, standard and customized solutions to critical and standard applications. Units are product combinations integrated into solutions with unique performance, used in specific applications requiring a compact design, combined performance and light weight.



SKF provides innovative solutions in elastomers or engineered plastics to meet the needs of various industries for static, rotating, reciprocating and bearing seals.


The service platform delivers value by addressing the entire life cycle of a particular asset. The design phase is covered by different aspects of engineering consultancy and R&D services. The operation stage, which is the main part of the asset’s life cycle, is covered by a variety of solutions including services and service-related products focusing on maintenance strategy, predictive maintenance, maintenance and logistic services. The last part of the life cycle is covered by services and service-related products focusing on upgrades, refurbishment, bearing dismounting and mounting, alignment, balancing and post-maintenance testing. A wide range of training is available for customers, on- and off-site, around the globe.



Lubrication systems

SKF offers products, solutions and vast support within areas such as industrial lubricants,
lubrication consultancy, lubricator equipment, lubrication assessment, lubricant analysis, lubricant recommendations and automatic lubrication systems.


The mechatronics platform enhances customer value by combining SKF’s strong mechanical experience and electronic technology. The platform covers systems for precision multi-axis positioning, intelligent monitoring and by-wire applications, as well as components such as ball and roller screws, actuators, rail guides and sensor modules. A number of mechanical and electronic products are combined into modules and sub-systems addressing unique needs where SKF has specialist industrial-specific expertise.